Let’s start with what we do NOT charge you for:

  • No advertisement fees
  • No leasing fees (when a tenant renews or a new lease is executed)
  • No fees if your property is vacant because we keep our interests in line with yours. We don’t make money unless you make money.
  • No emergency fees (late night and weekend calls for emergency repairs)
  • No fees for filing evictions
  • No tenant qualification fees
  • No fees for standard postage

Now let us address the cost of managing your property.

We charge a fixed rate management fee which is determined by the condition, square footage and location of your property in addition to what the market will bear for rents in that area. We will give you our professional opinion of what your property is worth at all times. If you, as the owner, are wanting above what we feel is a fair price, we will address it at the time of our interview. Just Rentals strives to maintain an honest and open relationship with all its clients. Our “golden rule” is we will always treat you as we would want to be treated.